Our innovative technology is the result of collaboration between experienced automotive industry executives and software developers. We have the perfect formula of expertise and background from automotive OE, academic analytics, and J.D. Power.



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using the Foresight platform around the world


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are leading global automotive brands

A company of Firsts

We’ve been the pioneers of automotive industry innovations in customer experience technology from the very beginning.

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First to Email

We were the first to offer e-mail surveys and the only ones to do it 24 hours after every customer interaction.

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First to Web

When everyone else used costly and clunky software offerings, we pushed our software to the web.

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First to Apps

We were the first to offer a mobile, downloadable app offering full, real-time platform functionality.

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First to Issue Resolution

We invented the real-time issue resolution. The key to customer happiness, and the key to our partners’ success.

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First to Mobile

Uncompromised closed-loop issue resolution in the palm of your hand. We did first and we do it better.

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First to SMS

We pioneered surveys via SMS with viTXT™. Everyone else followed.

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First to Global DMS Connectivity

The only automotive CEM technology that can connect to any DMS, anywhere around the world.

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First to Strategic Action Alerts

Unique to VI, Foresight Compass™ drives dealer engagement by requiring users to initiate strategic action plans if their KPI scores fall below required thresholds.

Research & Analytics

Through years of experience, our Executive and Management teams have the knowledge, skill, and understanding to ensure our clients achieve the very best possible return on their CX investment, cultivating a successful Customer Experience Management (CEM) program specific to their business needs. 

We provide counsel and guidance on all facets of the CEM program, including the initial design of all surveys, deployment and monitoring of the program, perceptive analytics of all data, and we ensure that the CEM program addresses current issues for your customers and your dealers.

1. Decision Framing & Survey Design

At Enprecis Group, consumer research expertise merges with a deep understanding of the retail automotive environment, ensuring your CEM program operates at full power. Whether it is an on-going program or a specific assignment, we’ll be rigorous in making certain that our solutions align with your business needs.

2. Continuous Monitoring

We constantly watch and listen to your customer feedback, so that we can help you understand trends and keep ahead of the ever-changing expectations and patterns of customer behaviour.

3. Forward-Thinking Data Visualizations

Well beyond key driver analysis and standard analytics, Vital Insights uses Heat Maps to quickly identify problem areas for dealers or for market areas; Employee Impact Analyses to pinpoint and define opportunities within dealerships at the employee level; Dealer Strength Composites to take the focus off traditional KPIs and help OEs differentiate more clearly between high and low-performing dealerships; Predictive Analytics to identify where efforts and resources will be best spent, and to help you see where you’re likely to stand on benchmark industry studies.

4. World-Leading Business Intelligence Technology

Using Foresight BI, our clients have the ability to develop customized multi-level reports quickly and easily, with deeper understanding provides deeper insight to manage, analyze and visualize all your data. The system consolidates data from multiple sources in one centralized repository for customized dashboard views and KPI displays, including instant displays and updates on dealer performance and analysis of customer data on-the-fly.

5. Consulting Grounded in Reality & Experience

With our deep automotive experience that spans the world of the manufacturer, the dealer and automotive research, we work with our clients to design effective solutions that are grounded in reality and get to the grassroots of the automotive customer experience.

6. Continual Reform & Improvement

Enprecis Group will both challenge and help your business to achieve continuous improvement of your CEM program. With Foresight, we keep a pulse on your customer sentiment, with a flexible solution that is adaptable to your business requirements as they evolve.


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